Breaking News: The PlayStation 3 Didn't Die In 2007

PSXextreme: You know, in an industry where media attention can shift on a dime, it's amazing how a situation can become branded in everyone's mind for...well, for an eternity, apparently.

I distinctly recall all the doom and gloom of late 2006 and throughout the first part of 2007, and although most analysts didn't agree with it, the negative articles never stopped. The number of "PlayStation 3 is Doomed!" headlines reminded me very much of 2000 and 2001, when the very same articles - almost word for word - were produced regarding the PS2. I suppose I could focus on this obvious comparison and how the PS2 turned out, but I've already done that, and this is more of a media observation: for whatever reason, despite what happened in 2008 (ship numbers for the PS3 and 360 were basically identical), we apparently view the scenario as if it were still 2007. We still see headlines like, "Can Such-and-Such Save the PS3?" and "Can the PS3 Catch Up?" ...what? What year is this?! Why are we asking questions that no longer have any bearing on the current picture?

And yet, despite it all, I'm still seeing articles like "Will Killzone 2 Save the PS3?" I've got a newsflash for you- this is 2009. It's not 2007 and the PS3 didn't die two years ago. The PS3 doesn't need saving.

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Nineball21123606d ago

All I can say is "Amen, brother".

xwabbit3606d ago

Journalist have been talking crap to get hits since their everyday articles don't get any of views. They talk and have no facts, I really cant see how is that being a good journalist.

DK_Kithuni_713606d ago (Edited 3606d ago )

I own the original Xbox and never used it (just for Far Cry, but broke the disc). It's now loacated at our little beach house and is only used to play DVD's on rainy days.

My PS3 however is a totally differnt beast. I (we) use it all the time. For music, for vacation pictures, for Blu-Ray movies (I do love Blu-Ray! It looks so so sooo good) and for games. Lots of games.

My PS3 was never dead. It was, is, and will continue to be very much a live.

GWAVE3606d ago (Edited 3606d ago )

Anyone else remember the anti-PS2 media long ago?

Sony has been dealing with biased press since they owned the world with PS1.

It's true, but the gaming press won't own up to it. If someone calls them out on it, they'll just laugh nervously and say "Well...y...YOU are the fanboy, you...fanboy. YOU'RE the biased one! Yeah..." and completely avoid the glaring contradictions in their own reviews.

The media has done an excellent job of convincing a lot of gamers that THEY are the authority on what makes a game good and the only people who would DARE disagree with their non-biased scores is just a FANBOY. I'll use Killzone 2 as an example because it's a good one: reviewers tore points off of that game for lack of co-op, an average story, and a few minor graphical glitches here and there. Okay. Fine. HOWEVER, they won't apply the same scrutiny to other games that come out in 2009. Period. They won't, and if gamers call them out on it those gamers will be labeled as "Sony fanboys".

PS3 sells the same as the 360 in 2008, and it sells MORE than the 360 in 2007, yet it's the PS3 that needs to be saved. Microsoft cuts loose tons of developers while Sony continues to strengthen their developers, yet the PS3 needs saving. Blu Ray won the format war due in large part to the PS3 yet the PS3 needs saving.

I pity anyone who thinks the gaming media ISN'T biased.

TheTwelve3606d ago (Edited 3606d ago )

Newsflash: The PS3 isn't a sinking ship.


Timberland2K93606d ago

She is so stupid and a fanboy on top of that ignorant.

Xplay rated little big planet 5/5 and im not sure about all the other ps3 exclusives back in the fall

But she says

"Finaly PS3 owners get to buy a awesome game instead of heavenly sword dolls and liar (something)"

The point is that was a very ignorant bias statement

eagle213606d ago

Mr. Morgan praised LBP so much in her/his review last fall, I thought she/he was playing with her coochie/johnson during the video.


kevoncox3606d ago

The Ps3 needs saving from 3rd place.
No one is bashing the Ps3. You see most arent familiar with Sony being in this position. Honestly, most of you would have never guessed that after 2 years the ps3 would still be a distant 3rd.
I remember the anti MS articles in 2005 and 2006. Then the xbox got it's legs and Sony didn't. We all know that none of the consoles will disappear this gen, however, Sony needs to be saved from 3rd place.

fishd3606d ago

I love this guy Ben Dutka,he is single handly fighting against the almost entire media!He is our whiteknight,lol

On a side note,PS3 is sooooooo dead that all of the major 3rd party publishers are using it as their lead platform,I guess they don't read N4G,ahh those NOOBZ!

eagle213606d ago

MS is NOT first and soon will be THIRD after 1 whole year headstart. They need a miracle.

GWAVE3606d ago

@ kevincox

I agree that if the PS3 should be "saved" from something, it should be saved from 3rd place...wait...3rd place?

3rd place in what? Yearly sales? Errr...nope. It's ahead of Microsoft on that one (360's first two years: 13 million; PS3's first two years: 18 million). 3rd place in developers? Sony has 20+ devs to match Microsoft's 4 developers. 3rd place in hardware quality, maybe? Er, I don't think ANYONE wants to argue that one.

So, why does it need to be saved from this terrible "3rd place"? After all, the PS3 launched a full year after the 360, so holding "3rd place" over it's head as if it matters is like starting a race a minute earlier and making fun of everyone else who hasn't caught up to you yet.

SL1M DADDY3606d ago

It just goes to show how pathetic the rest of the media is these days when decent articles like this have to try and spell it out to the others that a console as good as the PS3 is not doomed and that it is doing just fine and is in no need of saving. Great read but a sad reminder of the state we are in terms of journalism. So much trash to pick through just to get to the good stuff.

*runs and cries*

cmrbe3606d ago

So the PS3 needs saving from 3rd place now? LMAO!!.

Danja3606d ago

3rd place ? x-box fans comments are getting so desperate running outta ammo I see...

well have fun with all the exclusive games ur 2nd place console will deliver this year.

Saint Sony3605d ago

PS3 goes back to being expensive blu-ray player.

slinkey1233605d ago

holy crap. Seriously is everyone on this PS3 fanboys?!?! This site is proof that PS3 will never die, it seems like all the 360 fanboys have gone. lol

king dong3605d ago

but i wish all the sony fanboys would the microsoft fanboys also!

fanboys are a cancer on web-sites, particularly n4g. the web would be a much better place without them!!

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rucky3606d ago (Edited 3606d ago )

Yes the PS3 is still here and standing defying all odds and unjustified criticism throughout these years. Every year the PS3 is just proving itself more and more and there's no way you can deny or put it down for much longer.

doG_beLIEfs3606d ago

"we'll still be seeing irrational articles about how the PS3 is somehow still mired in 2007. It's like the thing stepped into the DeLorean, went back in time, and doesn't have the plutonium to return. Seriously."

That about sums it up. Nice ending to an
excellent article. I have said the same thing many times on Joystiq that the PS2's 1st two years were not much different than the PS3's. Remember Tekken JAGG Tournament? Or RIDGGED Racer? How Soul Calibur looked BETTER than any early PS2 game?

It is funny how short some people's memories are.

Rythrine3606d ago

I bought a launch PS2 and I kept reading countless articles about "PS2 will be SONY'S demise" or "Sony was just a one-hit wonder with the PS1" etc. I was 19 at the time and after reading those, I was beginning to believe those articles and thinking that I might have made a mistake forking out $400 for it. But I stuck with it and I'm glad I did. Its just sad that I had to retire my PS2 back in Nov 2006 when I bought my launch 60 gb PS3 since it has BC. :)

Figboy3606d ago

i was about 19 or 20 when the PS2 launched, and even in the Playstation mags, they were running with the "PS2 is a MAJOR disappointment stories."

there was a point when i actually questioned my PS2 purchase.

the exact same articles written about the PS2 and it being to hard to develop for, too expensive ("stand alone DVD players are MUCH cheaper than a PS2") "gamers don't WANT to watch movies on their GAME console" "DVD isn't necessary for games," etc, etc.

i literally took an old article about the PS2 i found on the net, replaced "Gamecube" with "Wii," "Xbox" with "Xbox 360," and "Playstation 2" with "Playstation 3," and got the EXACT SAME stories i've been getting 8 years later.

it's amazing how shortsighted the gaming media is. it explains why they have such a hard time grasping Sony's "10 year" concept for the PS3 - they simply CAN'T think that far ahead, and can't remember anything more than a few months back. the PS1 was supported for nearly 11 years before Sony stopped manufacturing them. the Playstation 2 is on it's way to year 10, even with vastly inferior technology to what's available today. the PS3 is beginning year 3, and people STILL doubt that it can't last 10 years? it's not like we won't see a PS4 in a few years, but the PS3 will still be supported. i can't say the same for the 360, judging by MS' track record.

so far, i've been enjoying my PS3 since i bought it in Feb 2007, and looking at it's upcoming lineup for 2009, and it's "speculated lineup" for the future (ie, Jak PS3, Sly PS3, sequels to games like Resistance, etc), i'll be gaming on my PS3 for a long time also.

Rythrine3605d ago

Exactly. That's why I'm not really bothered with the "Sony is Doomed" articles anymore. We've been through those before and looked how the PS2 turned out. Some of these people expected the PS3 to sell 100 million units in three years or else it fails. Its really hilarious if you really think about it. Sony said that its a marathon and not a sprint. They did it with the PS1 and the PS2 is also a standing proof of that statement. I say let them hate while we PS3 owners enjoy the fantastic games this year, starting with Killzone 2, and the years to come.

Rise Of The Bad Guy3606d ago

90% of the American Gaming Press give preferential treatment to Microsoft due to the said multi-billion dollar corporation funding,sponsoring,and having standing contracts with the aforementioned Gaming Media.Sony Corp. decided not to spend much money on the very same Gaming Press due to the Japanese multi-billion dollar corporation losing money via their gaming division most of which is lost in the North American territory.

90% of the American Gaming Press are under the false impression that Microsoft give a damn about them,and this is exactly why 90% of the American Gaming Press will feel f_cking gutted once the next Xbox is introduced to the market as a console for casual and non-gamers,and has about as much to do with hardcore gaming as FoxNews has to do with unbiased news coverage and deliverance.

read disc error3606d ago (Edited 3606d ago )

how's that tin-foil hat treating you? still getting signals from the aliens that run the world in a secret organization?

you only do your beloved console a disservice when you preach these bizarre conspiracy service because a) you look like a nut-job and b) people assume that nut-jobs are incapable of making smart consumer choices so they will read your rants and go buy a 360 to avoid association with people who think there is this global-corporate operation controlling the media in order to sell game consoles.

GWAVE3606d ago

@ read disc error

It's common knowledge that both politics and public media are corrupt. Very few people would contest this fact. However, when it comes to gaming media, why is it so odd when people point out corruption and bias? Are video game journalists unbiased? Is there some sort of "fanboy screening process" that prevents fanboys from writing video game news?

I'm sorry that you're too blind to see media biases. I'm sure Fox News provides all the news you need to get through the day.

Hallucinate3605d ago

well its official read dic error is either 12years old and doesnt understand how corrupted EVERYTHING(from tv media all the way to game media) IS... or hes just in denial and cant comprehend why the media is so controlled

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PirateThom3606d ago

I don't understand why people want the PS3 to die so much... do you hate gaming that much?

Hallucinate3605d ago

i know...all the fanboys shoulda just step back and seriously ask them selves.."why, why do i hate the ps3?" and try to come up with an answer

iiraymoii3605d ago (Edited 3605d ago )

360 just has better games! The graphics are better (note: that these are the same guys who think the elite has better graphics than the pro lol) and one that I think comes down to certain games..The controller is better!

Typical lol