IBM's Sequoia: 20x faster than the world's fastest supercomputer

The U.S. government has agreed to buy two supercomputers from IBM Corp., including one to be in use in 2012 that will ultimately scale to 20 petaflops, an estimated ten times the performance of today's most powerful system. Terms of the deal were not immediately released.

In June IBM became the first to break the petaflops performance mark with a separate government system. Cray quickly followed with a petaflops system that hit the Top 500 list in November.

The new IBM BlueGene-class systems will be installed at Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory to handle analysis of the U.S. nuclear stockpile. The lab currently uses an IBM BlueGene/L system.

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Lord Anubis3605d ago

usually they are all interconnected by a single operating system. So it's like a bunch of PS3s connected to each other. Each system with their own ram and a Storage Server.

tfur3605d ago (Edited 3605d ago )

Looks like the Sequoia will be powered by 1.6 million cores, 1.6 petabytes of memory... probably a powercell chipset throughout, since all of their other latest clusters use that.

It will be running linux... and usually infiniband network interconnects.

As for HDD, I would assume either some sort of fiber channel array backends that are front ended by either a NAS of SAN. Global file systems would be used as well. Something like Lustre....

Kaneda3605d ago

I am still waiting for my flying car.. :)

Kevin McCallister3605d ago

There are a few you can buy, but they are extremely expensive obviously. I'm still waiting on a computer controlled car/highway system like what's shown in iRobot. It would allow for extremely high speeds since you don't have to take into account any human error. As long as the system never fails or is hacked...

Kaneda3605d ago

I think they tested that 10 years ago in San Diego.. I don't know what happened to the project.

xlg3605d ago

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Lord Anubis3605d ago

what's the belief with RFID. Does it have to do more with the bible and the mark of the beast. Where one cannot buy anything unless the mark is present and only then will you be able to reject the mark of the beast die or accept the lord?

pixelsword3605d ago

I'd PM him if you want to learn more.

Zhuk3605d ago

This is what happens when IBM fully exploits the Xbox 360's processor architecture, creating the worlds most powerful supercomputer at many times faster than Sony's abysmal CELL efforts.

karlostomy3605d ago

yeah funny how the world's fastest supercomputer *doesn't* use teh cell.

cryymoar3605d ago (Edited 3605d ago )

it has nearly 13 times more cores than the Roadrunner, so no sh*t it's faster.

Too bad the xb360 ISN'T technologicaly superior than the PS3, so try to spin this as much as possible, your console still can't produce what even the alpha version of Killzone 2 did.

cryymoar3605d ago

probably about a thousand times at once, with everything on high.

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