Imagine, Grand Theft Auto in Amsterdam

Everyone had the pleasure of killing and relaxing in GTA, sometimes in Liberty City, one time in Vice City and then in three cities in San Andreas. Imagine how a GTA-life could be if gamers had the chance to walk in the capital city of The Netherlands. Amsterdam could be a great place to act like a Nico Bellic or Tommy Vercetti. Let's dream about that idea…

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resistance1003602d ago

I love Amsterdam, its the most stunning and laid back city in Europe. I've been there 3 times now and loved it each time.

I mean what other city in the world can i be so drunk that i barely know where i am, and then stop to have a chat with a police officer for half an hour.


Still what i'm getting at is that i would love them to do a GTA in Amsterdam

Syphled3602d ago

The most funny part is that in Amsterdam almost everything is allowed what is forbidden in all other major cities in the world. Hookers, drugs, drinking, name it and it is possible :)