Special Beam Cannon, go. New Star Ocean: The Last Hope videos are insane

If you haven't heard of Star Ocean: The Last Hope, it's an upcoming JRPG for the 360. A few combat videos have surfaced on the net. They look incredibly fun, and most importantly, incredibly insane. Hit the jump for plenty of BEAMA BUSTA Japanese madness.

Ever since feeling let down with FFXII, I haven't had the urge to play traditional Japanese RPGS anymore. However, recent Star Ocean videos, and the latest FFXIII trailer make me think I need to get back into this genre as soon as possible. What do you guys think of the combat?

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kaironn3602d ago

Wow. Might have to pick this one up.

GWAVE3602d ago (Edited 3602d ago )

Hope the game turns out, but I'm worried about the framerate and the length of the game (S-E has dropped the ball on both of these issues for their last several games).

EDIT: So I'm getting disagrees because...I want this game to turn out instead of being a mediocre game? N4G, you never fail to amuse me.

incogneato3602d ago

more like insanely gay. this game looks just as boring and last gen as every other JRPG released so far.

TheCagyDies3602d ago

"How long will the game be and how many discs?

Star Ocean Dev Team: The game is about 40 hours long and spans three discs. However, there are many bonus features and hidden elements, on top of which we have created the game to accommodate multiple playthroughs, so I think players will be able to get many entertaining hours out of it. "

0verdrive3602d ago

as a ps3 only owner, i have to honestly say that this is the only xbox exclusive that has me envious. i can pass up halo without a second thought, but I WANT ME MY JRPGS! rawr. lol i might have to borrow my friends xbox to pick this up.

Why dis3602d ago (Edited 3602d ago )

*GWAVE* doesn't own the 360 no worries right?

Cool vid...

InMyOpinion3602d ago

Why are you "worried"? Looking through your recent comments it's obvious you hate the 360 and everything associated with it.

Say it out straight instead of stealth trolling. The only reason you brought up framerates and the length of the game is because you want to make the game look bad because it's not coming to your beloved console of choice.

Did you even watch the video? I did and there are no signs of framerate problems whatsoever.

Why not just mention Killzone 2 and get it overwith? I know you want to.

Video looked great btw. This game looks much more promising than the last disappointing S-E titles.

Immortal Kaim3602d ago

As a MASSIVE JRPG fan, I'm damn impressed. Look at the amount of character/enemies on screen coupled with large and continual lighting effects from the special moves with no hint of frame rate dips. Very Impressive.

I'm also hoping the action orientated combat system will bring into the fold the usual turn-based naysayers.

GWAVE3602d ago

@ Jenzo

Awww, I'm sorry, but no dice for you. I know it's easy to write me off as an anti-360 fanboy, but life doesn't work that way. See, I OWN a 360. I PLAY the 360. The problem is that I'm not a loyal Microsoft sheep. I exercise my patriotic right to complain, b*tch, and moan. If something that I paid money for is broken or mediocre, I demand that it be fixed. If a high-profile game is coming out but it doesn't seem up to snuff, I'll critique. If you were a gamer and not a fanboy, you'd do the same.

I watched the video. Do you know what else I watched? I watched the framerate drop like a brick in Infinite Undiscovery and Last Remnant, S-E's last two games on the 360. I'm basing my worries on factual, historical issues that previous S-E games suffered from.

Immortal Kaim3602d ago

I neither agreed or disagreed with your initial comment, and I too shared the somewhat pessimistic view that SO4 would be another technical mess, but watching the video has allayed some of my fears.

Though this vid is in no way proof that we will see a smooth, technically sound final product, you have to admit, the game looked mighty fine in action. Don't get me started on the disgraceful, unpolished game that was Last Remnant, how that game is allowed to be sold at retail is beyond me.

StephanieBBB3602d ago

Reminds me of a HD none cel-shaded version of a "Tales" game. Love the combat of those games.

Only annoying part is the constant stream of enemies coming after another. Imagine having to deal with that everytime you try to get somewhere fast.

InMyOpinion3602d ago (Edited 3602d ago )

My gamertag is Marstorius. What is yours?

GWAVE3602d ago

@ Jenzo

WISE_FWOM_YOW_GWAVE, but I'm not hooked up to Live. My subscription expired last year. After all, well...I won't bother. You already know how I feel about Xbox Live.

terrandragon3602d ago

If you didn't buy Killzone 2, you would have had a lovely 360 to play and talk to us N4G buddehs. :)

thats_just_prime3602d ago

That video actually made me think that SO4 might not be all that good after all the combat system remember me of ES and I hate that game the only good thing about ES was it had some very nice looking graphics. Still I'll give SO a try

MiloGarret3602d ago

Yeah wow, I hate jrpgs, but that actually looked pretty cool...

InMyOpinion3601d ago

That gamertag doesn't exist. Quit lying.

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panasonic233602d ago

Special Beam Cannon ahhhahahhh man that was so awesome.

CrippleH3602d ago

I would say Piccolo would be proud.
But Piccolo got ticked off when Cell used it...

UnSelf3602d ago

piccolo was pissed once the english switch his Masenko-Sappu to the Special Beam Cannon. smh damn english. Jap FTMFW!!!

DA_SHREDDER3602d ago

Huge disapointment. I was really hoping for this game to be good. Raided attacks?!! Wtf is that? You get raided by other monsters after defeating the previous set? Im sorry, but rpgs are based on great stories, not hour long battles with generic enemies. I cant believe that I said this game was gonna be a sleeper hit on the last podcast I did. This game is too much dazzle,, I cant even see the screen cause there is too much explosions and fruity colors everywhere. Give me a break.

panasonic233602d ago

too much color wtf the game look awesome

Halochampian3602d ago

you do a podcast?!!?

scary to think how biased that is.

Deadman643602d ago

It's funny how someone can make a homemade podcast and feel important...

DA_SHREDDER3602d ago

I didnt say the game had too much color. I said too much dazzle. They try to use an action packed, 20 things goin on at once and tons of explosions to entice the players.. Hey, if you like it ,, great. But where is the fun in hardly being able to tell what is going on? I wish Squeenix would stop producing rubbish. Its like they are trying to do new things, and take out all the good things that old rpg's did in the past.

George Sears3602d ago

Dude, the battle system is pretty much the same as the other Star Oceans with the inclusion of someone else on the fray. You usually control just one character but you can switch them on the fly with ease and you can also assign them to do strategic attacks like healing when HP is low, attack brute force etc. The battle system is by far Star Oceons greatest asset and if you don't like it because you watched two or three videos and you were convinced that it sucked, them I'm sorry for you.

laaakokaracha3602d ago

you wrote: "I cant even see the screen cause there is too much explosions and fruity colors everywhere. "

sad to see that you forget after only 1 hour what you are talking about...

this definatly doesnt contribute to your credebility...

StephanieBBB3602d ago (Edited 3602d ago )


I think that your alittle quick to judge on this one. Imo If you have played the game from start you wouldn't think that it's "too much dazzle". You know exactly whats happening on screen and what attack that is causing these flashes of light and that would make the dazzle seem less chaotic to you.

George Sears3602d ago

Graphically, this game looks amazing. Quite frankly the best JRPG graphics thus far. Can't wait!