Atlus Online opens it's gates

Ever heard of Atlus? Well, they've made quality titles like Odin Sphere, championed the Shin Megami Tensei series, and if you've never played Rockin' Kats, you missed out! Atlus is launching an online service that looks to bring gamers together, and create a place to play online games. Check out the pre-registration here.

Atlus online is a full-fleged division of Atlus, in addition to a hub for gamers.

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kaironn3394d ago

I saw the story on what it plans to do, but this story actually says it's open!

Fullish3394d ago

damn this will be awesome if it works :D

Ziriux3394d ago

Aww they have the cutest little mascot, I just want to squeeze his blue little cheeks.