GamesRadar Interview: The girl that reviews games with singing

GamesRadar writes:

"We like creative things at GamesRadar. We like people that do things differently. And that's why we've got a lot of time for Rebecca Mayes. Rebecca is a creative contributor for Game People - a site which 'provides space for niche video game writers' - where she reviews games by singing about them. They're game reviews, but in song form.

Because we admire Rebecca and what she's doing at Game People, we got in touch with her. She answered some questions for us and, better still, told us to tell everyone about her latest tuneful review. This is the only place you'll be able to hear it right now, so we urge you to go listen to the review - which is for Hello Kitty: Big City Dreams on DS - and see what you think. When you're done, come back and find out a little more of what Rebecca Mayes is about."

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