PS3 Firmware 1.54 Available Now

The 1.54 firmware for the PS3 is available now. When you boot up, there will actually be a mandatory update message at the top right of the PS3 screen. The system update option in the system menu will get the update started.

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Torch4310d ago

Since installing the last firmware (1.51???), I've noticed an occasional annoying problem when starting up a Blu-Ray game: It appears to begin loading, but then abruptly stops, kicks me out back to the XMB and gives some sort of "can't read media" (I'm paraphrasing) message. And the only way I cany remedy it is by either shutting off/turning on the power via the hard power switch at the back, or by inserting DVD-based media (movie or game).

But it doesn't happen all the time, and it's only since the last firmware update. Given how easy it is to fix, I'm assuming that it's a software-relaed issue. I'm hoping that the new firmware will address this.

Has anyone else had or heard of this problem???

Ggame4310d ago

The things that added in XMB FW 1.54 incould...
- In combination with the picture of the partner to picture size at the AV kyat, it reached the point where it can expand can indicate.
- It reached the point where you can use the USB camera which corresponds to USB video class at the AV kyat please inquire to the selling agency of the USB camera
* concerning the corresponding type,

GaMr-4310d ago

So Basically it did jack S)-(it for gaming. Well thats good to know. I was hoping it was the Big March one coming a little early. ohhh well : (

Torch4310d ago

Those Japanese folks over at Sony could really use some brushing up with their grammar and communication skills.