2009 and the PS3

We are taking a look at some of the exclusives that each console is bringing to the table this year. The PS3, many will argue has been suffering from a lack of truly good games. While 2008 helped put some of that criticism to rest, 2009 is looking like it will put all of that criticism to rest permanently.

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jkhan3575d ago

They totally Missed:
Ratchet & Clank FTOD 2
DC Online
& if we are lucky then
But I doubt we will see GT5 or God of War 3 in 2009. Its already packed with megaton exclusives, I think Sony will announce a couple of new games as well at GDC09 and E309, so expect an exclusive per month strategy;)

GWAVE3575d ago

I hope Sony announces some new games, but even if they don't there are still plenty of potentially-AAA titles coming down the pipeline, both in the way of exclusives and multiplatform games. It's good to see the media giving the PS3 the respect it has fought tooth-and-nail for these past years.


"While 2008 helped put some of that criticism to rest, 2009 is looking like it will put all of that criticism to rest permanently."

Very true.

Pennywise3575d ago

Zipper does not have a PS3 game out yet, I assume they have been working on MAG for a while. Only reason I say this is the whole Socom BS we have had to deal with. I want a complete game that runs smooth with all community options available. If done right this game could have a huge online following. All the poor socom fans are still waiting for a working version of their game!

Chris3993575d ago

- Legend of Dragoon remake/ sequel
- Legaia Saga 3
- Dark Cloud PS3

Would be excellent.

3575d ago
fishd3575d ago

David Reeves Interview from Eurogamer:

"Eurogamer: How's the software line-up looking for Christmas 2009? Have you got many big titles still to be announced?

David Reeves: There are a couple. You can probably guess, but we have not formally announced them. They will most likely be announced in the next four to six weeks. They may even keep some for E3 or Cologne."

Hmmmmm,R&C:TOD2 and.........

eagle213575d ago

Now and forever. A tsunami of quality exclusives and better hardware will prevail. I have read too many pro PS3 comments on GT, Gamespot, IGN, amazon, N4G, etc. for KZ2 and PS3. 21.4+ million working systems STRONG. :)

Naucious3575d ago

all the games listed I want, i know some might be hit and miss but still theres more exclusives that r not listed that im sure will blow or socks off! PS3 is starting to gain momentum with pushing more exclusive games.

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Cajun Chicken3575d ago

It will be a very good year, nearly all the first party will either have;

A: A game out this year.
B: A lot of media attention or a game announced this year, even the PS2 didn't have it this good.

MURKERR3575d ago

go check it out thats all i will say

Dipso3575d ago

PS3 is still suffering from a lack of truly great games??

The PS3 now gets every major multiplat and as much exclusives as the competition and somehow its still lacking? The platform has more than proved itself already, a lower price point is all that is left now.

Pennywise3575d ago

People are starting to see through the BS. These "journalists" are doing nothing but shooting themselves in the foot.

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