MadWorld Preview: In A World Gone Mad, Only A Lunatic Is Truly Insane (TrueGameHeadz)

TrueGameHeadz writes:
"As you may have noticed "Madworld" is not your average Wii title. It's brash, bold, and extremely violent – hopefully it's the kick in the pants that the Wii needs to really get real gamers back on the console. Fortunately, it seems like there is a solid game behind all the violent fun, so it's not just "something to play" – there's some substance to back it up. It's funny, one of the things that caught me most off guard about "MadWorld" wasn't the plot, the blood, or the insane finishers – a lot of those can be found in one game or another – it was the game's animation that really blew me away. I think I had some expectations of how the game would flow, based on the screenshots and the trailers that had been released, but actually seeing the game in motion was like watching a piece of art come to life. The movement of the characters was fluid, and..."

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jsoncip383549d ago

This game is going to blow everything else away

bitboi3547d ago

Agreed! I wish more games this gen would go with a highly stylized look