Bullet Witch Review (Xbox 360)

The idea of a female lead in a video game is hardly a new concept, but it always seems to pique the gaming populous' interest when a new title featuring a lady is released.

Lara Croft, BloodRayne, and, yes, even Ms. Pac-Man paved the way for the sultry lead of Cavia's and Atari's Bullet Witch: a third-person action game based on the art of witchcraft and the premise that too much ammo is hardly enough

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PS360PCROCKS4306d ago

damn, I was looking forward to this I was hoping it would be good because it looks like alot of fun, apparently though it just sucks...oh well back to crackdown

sak5004306d ago

I wanted to pick this up as well but i guess now only we need to warn others not to go for it.

eques judicii4306d ago

ah... this is what rentals are for... I'll pay 8 bucks to play through this once....

Ravenator5294306d ago

This review doesn't suprise me in the least bit.

I never understood why this game received "half" the publicity that it did.

fjtorres4306d ago

Otogi for xbox had its fans and there is hope a similar game will hit the 360.

Funky Town_TX4306d ago (Edited 4306d ago )

Garbage games come flowing in. Lets see 10 million users. If 5% buy thats 1/2 million copies. Now if there were 2 million users they would have to dev a good games just to get sales. Don't buy this trash at teach dev/pub a lesson about trying to make a quick buck.

FeralPhoenix4306d ago

yeah, I!t games don't deserve to sell, if gamers buy subpar games just for the hell of it....then dev's will respond with more sh!t games.

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