Connecting to Xbox Live From a Not Authorized Country Void Your Warranty

According to reports from users in the forums of, if you log in on Xbox Live from a not Xbox Live available country you will void your warranty and Microsoft will not replace your damage console. The reports are coming from Colombia in Latin America, Colombia always had full Microsoft support and it's legally to sell Xbox 360 in this country since launch with full warranty support. But now if you use Xbox Live you'll void the console warranty.

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tatotiburon3598d ago (Edited 3598d ago )

Ok i'm from Colombia, since day one Microsoft gave full support for Xbox 360 here in my country and Colombia is one of the few countries in latin america that have Microsoft full support. The warranty process was always good since the launch of xbox 360. People with RROD call the service support and Microsoft send them a new console, simple as that from all this years. But now Microsoft or the company in charge of the xbox 360 warranty support (in mexico i believe) are returning consoles without fix it claiming the warranty void because the console log in to xbox live from Colombia.

i don't know if this is a new policy from Microsoft, in the warranty rules there isn't anything about it.

Xbox live is available in 27 countries and Mexico is the only Latin Country available, but here in Colombia we always had Microsoft support and now they try to f*** us.

In the rest of the countries that are not available to Xbox Live is the same problem?

i don't know if i can talk to any media for asking some help.