Xbox 360 vulnerability found, homebrew could be just around the corner

While we all appreciate Microsoft's concessions to the DIY gaming community with the XNA Game Studio Express, that's still small compensation for the fact that at the end of the day, that $400 white box in our living room isn't quite "ours" -- Microsoft still calls the shots as to what code can push that hardware around. At least until today. Apparently a vulnerability has been discovered, and while the jargon is rather over most people heads, it doesn't take a hax0r to understand the potential upshot: homebrew on the 360.

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calderra4304d ago

You mean you can PROGRAM for the 360 using XNA!?!?!?!!?

Using an application for its intended purpose is, indeed, 1337 h4XX0ring.

Underlined4304d ago

done homebrew, it's always seemed like too much work, I might do it for the 360 if this works out.

gta_cb4304d ago

I use homebrew on my PSP it is really good and has soo... much potential and of course can lower your spending costs on a system, if homebrew is available for the 360 and its safe, then i will definitely look into it.
Especially when the games cost so much compared to the PSP, PS2, Xbox1 etc.