Where 2009 Will Take Us

Loot Ninja writes:

"What's that question you haven't asked and probably don't care about? So what has been up in the gaming industry? A lot of doom and gloom is the short answer. There hasn't been a month gone by where the headlines haven't carried word of another studio closure, retailer going under, or publisher falling short on expected sales. Really nothing too happy to say these days. As of late, when items like this fall into my inbox I would rather not write about them. Everyone knows the economy is shit, recession, depression, or what ever you want to call it. If you need me telling you, than you need to get out more often. The question that might make a difference to you dear reader is, what will this bring to you, the gamer?"

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iiprotocolii3604d ago

I think, sooner or later, indie developers will become a the new trend of game development. It would be awesome if, like Xbox and the XNA, Sony offered a similar dev tool for enthusiasts to create their own games and share them via PSN. Let's see what happens.

greyishfox3604d ago

I think Indie Dev is already the new trend. Last year was huge for Xbox Live Arcade. And now community? Bam, growing huge!
But it's just a trend, sooner or later it will fade away.
I think some big studios will buy up smaller ones and with tough times ahead the total focus will be on the bottom line. Driven by the green.

fiercescuba3604d ago

If the economy works itself out, we may have a year of unparalled innovation. If studios keep closing, this may start the Dark Ages of gaming.

taz80803604d ago

Video games continue to buck against the economy so we may se alot of innovation as you say

greyishfox3604d ago

Agreed, if games maintain doing ok and the economy keeps taking a crap money needs to be invested somewhere so why not develop a few titles? People will need to spark some originality to make a big seller so maybe we can get some new quality IP's.