Gears of War Video: Torque Bowned

Ah, the Torque Bow, easy to use, difficult to master. Formidable a task as that may be, Nismojoe seemed to handle it with little effort. To top it off, he also threw up a montage of his proficiency with the bow on YouTube.

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FirstknighT4226d ago

The Torque Bow is an awesome weapon. Damn this guy was cool. Okay after watching this video I'm going to get a few games of Gears going!

kamakazi4226d ago (Edited 4226d ago )

has anyone ever stopeed to think of all the editing this guy had to do to make himself look good? i play with a guy who is just awsome with the torque, but even he misses. remember people, the magic of editing is out there. :)

Rasputin20114226d ago

Like I have no idea why some guy would just place a video like this on the net just to "toot" their own horn..Like if playing online against formidable opponents one shall miss many of times while using the Torque bow and you can quote me on that baby!

TheSadTruth4226d ago

torque bow is far from difficult to master... try mastering the pistol off-host and 6 shotting people

FKN Unbelievable4226d ago

Nonetheless the Torque off-host has serious bullet lag issues just like the sniper rifle. This Game is so Flawed Everything is tainted including getting kills.
I have a Love-hate Relationship with this game.