God Of War III: Online?

TheSixthAxis: "Perhaps God Of War III will feature an extensive online mode, then, according to a job posting on Gamasutra.

"Sony Computer Entertainment Santa Monica is seeking an online gameplay programmer to join the team behind the critically acclaimed AAA titles God of War and God of War II," says the advert.

The role will involve design, development and maintenance of "the networking portions of game and tools code" and will require the individual to "interact with gameplay programmers to make existing and new code support desired network functionality."

The job post mentions lobbying, commerce, chat, and security."


Update: news is old, sorry.

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miasma3574d ago

they don't screw up this game just to get online whatever going...

jwatt3574d ago

It's going to be online co-op where you can play with Kratos and Nariko!

LeShin3574d ago

That's EXACTLY what I'm afraid of.....

How would you even justify Kratos even having a partner? He's as anti-social as they come! It'll just mess everything up. This is about one mans fight against the Gods.

God of War does not need co-op or online multiplayer.

Ninja Gaiden didn't
Devil May Cry didn't
Heavenly Sword didn't

Just concentrate on making it the best single player hack n slash of all time Sony and I'll be extremely happy!

GrieverSoul3574d ago

Even though this is old news, online feature of some kind would be nice.

Somekind of co-op would be appreciated. Imagine hordes of enemies coming at you and 3 more friends while you try to hold a cyclops so player number 2 can go up his back at take his eye out for extra power ups for all in the end! OMG!! EPIC!

Still, people will complain it doesnt innovate or that its doesnt have COMPETITIVE online or some other BS in order to bring the score down! Oops... sorry! Killzone fever!

miasma3574d ago

You hit the nail on the head, as far as my original thought went months and months ago when i heard about online. Kratos is a loner. No co-op crap here. I guess i just want to see all the time be put into a greater than great game, no bugs, no delays, NO EXCUSES!!!

Harryhit43574d ago

They need to prioritize SP first and MP slightly behind (although they still need to put a lot of effort since this would be the God of War with MP).

callahan093574d ago

If they make this game co-op friendly, I'll be extremely upset. Some games aren't meant to be tailored around a co-op feature, and God of War is one of them. There can't be two Kratos' running around, and you can't have one player not playing as Kratos. And you can't have the world and bosses designed in such a way as to make co-op a possibility without bastardizing the entire style of gameplay that God of War has built up for itself.

It will not have co-op. What I'm predicting, though, and what I would actually REALLY enjoy if they do it, is a sort of online arena/gauntlet game, pitting Kratos versus Kratos in one-on-one battles similar to a fighting game, really. The weapon choices, maneuverability, and combo system would, I think, mesh very well with a sort of multiplayer fighting game mode. Let's hope they've got something like that up their sleeves.

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Ashton3574d ago

is becoming true.


hope it fits the game

TrevorPhillips3574d ago (Edited 3574d ago )

I spoke to David Jaffe he said there was no mentioning about online, just co-op online

PirateThom3574d ago

Games that don't need co-op or online play...

God of War must be somewhere near the top of that list.

indiagamer3574d ago (Edited 3574d ago )

here i totally agree with you..!! god of war is a kind of game where story mode itself is epic enough that theres juz no need to add an online element to it...!!

and why do they want a co-op kratos has always been on his own...

i dont want to slaughter zeus and his company with a help of some one..!!

Diugu3574d ago

I think a God of War MMO would totally rock. Even though I dont play MMOs I believe the GOW universe is perfect for it and would give it a try, also, I believe many would enjoy.

You could be a titan, demi god, sorcerer, undead... many possibilities.

However, it should be separate from the main title God of War III which is my most anticipated title this gen. The king of all games.

mgsfan553574d ago

Totally agree. They need to focus on making the most refined and epic single player story with a ton of boss battles and cleaver puzzles. Thats what everyone loves about God of War.

There are a million online games out there fighting for players time, I doubt people would play GOW online more than just as a novelty. Kind of like the online in GTA4, people tried it once or twice and never went back. Or in MGS4 online where I never even tried the online because the sign in was so messed up. Or Fable 2 where it was tacked on with no purpose other than to say it had online. It would be such a waste to focus any resources on a online component.

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