WorthPlaying: Grand Theft Auto IV PC Review

WorthPlaying writes: "I've been around the Grand Theft Autouniverse since its inception under heavy controversy in 1997. It's never been a perfect beast, but after refining the formula in GTA III and its offspring Vice City and San Andreas, Rockstar nearly single-handedly created the modern version of the "sandbox" game, allowing mostly free-form exploration within large urban environments, high-speed car chases, and lots of gunplay. While they've never been very deep games and the narrative has always been light (GTA III didn't even bother naming the lead character), they were fun. The race has gotten much tighter in recent years with upstarts like Saints Rowand Mercenaries throwing down, while complaints about the aging engine, retro graphics, and lack of innovation have surfaced. A lot of hopes were pinned on Grand Theft Auto IV doing for the franchise in 2007 what GTA III did over half a decade ago, but they're not particularly well-placed. GTA IV for the PC tries hard but fails to make the same kind of impact."

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Publicglutton3603d ago (Edited 3603d ago )

Ok constructive critisism hmmmmm...Worthplaying has given this game the worse review I have seen, which in itself show that the writer of this review is completely out of touch & detatched with all of the other reviewers out there......The story line is fantastic , the voice acting is very good . The characters are believable & intense and you can completely immerse yourself in GTA IV.......Graphics are crisp, detailed & enjoyable, the mapping and navigation system are clever & easy to understand. Yes there have been bugs , compatability issues but these have now been solved for the majority of people, compare this to its closest rival(guess what).I believe that, in my opinion, Rockstar have to be praised for this game . Worthplayings reviewer needs a reality check and I think is utterly wrong in nearly everyway.

NNNW3603d ago (Edited 3603d ago )

i thought this game was crap lol
ps that disagree wasn't from me heh

King_many_layers3603d ago

you must be kidding. did you miss the /sarcasm.

The character we played was so boring, I didn't even like listening to him. I thought the script was a bit bland aswell. I must admit that I'm basin this around the first few hours, as I never got far in because being a taxi driver with little other things was boring. The world seems really dull and is always lacking in people. and the driving was F'in horrible (console atleast) AS far as story goes aswell, it'll NEVER be as good as Mafia.
If mafia was a little more open in terms of who you went to, to do missions it would overshaddow the GTA series by even further


Silverwolf3602d ago

hell i would have given the console version a 7 as well. GTA3 was the true liberty city.

Hercules3602d ago

liberty city is the most lively city in a game...and to say gta3 was the true? it was just like vice city, a lot of repeats in NPCs..but in gta4, everyone was different, from face to clothes to voice...and if you didnt like the taxi..why not just skip it..i loved the story..and its one thinig i dont get..when roman dies its not sad, but when raiden dies, it is sad?!? they are both tied to the main story..oh well just my opinion