PSNation Killzone 2 Review

Glenn and mark review killzone 2 in episode 99 of psnation dubbed "KZ Nation"


Mark (Savory cade) rated the game 9.5/10
Glenn (Torgo) rated the game 9.8/10

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Graphics Whore3605d ago

Torgo 9.8/10

Other dude says 9.5/10 and he doesn't really like FPS games.

Timberland2K93605d ago

cool haterz need to stop trollin seriously

SL1M DADDY3605d ago (Edited 3605d ago )

The other guy, I was suspecting an even lower one than that since he hates FPS so much. Overall, not bad.

In the end however, I still stand by making my own decisions when it comes to games. Rent then review. Your own opinion is the only one that should matter.

azurechaos3605d ago

I don't think hate is the right word, Mark just really isn't typically into shooters. He can still recognize when a game is really well-done.

Alexious3605d ago

WoW, how come there is no score here then?

Sir Ken_Kutaragi3605d ago (Edited 3605d ago )

...haven't got the energy to click on it...i can't keep up with all these KillZone 2 reviews...
pp must be a Robot...A Ghost In The Machine...

poeo3605d ago

it is a Euro game on a Japanese console.. maybe that's too much for some american reviewers

azurechaos3605d ago

The US review embargo just got lifted yesterday, so a lot of US reviews still haven't come out.

azurechaos3605d ago

These guys are awesome, can't wait to try out the game!