PS3Evolved: Savage Moon Review (PSN)

PS3Evolved's Review of Savage Moon begins "The first thing to start with about the recently released tower defense game Savage Moon is, to quote a movie that helped inspired the game, "BUGS!"1. If you are at all squeamish around creatures with four or more legs, or that squirt fluids at you, or "have powerful mandibles with which to deliver bone-crushing bites"2 then this may be a game not for you. But, on the other hand, if you like insects and animals, or rather if you like torturing and blowing up said insects and animals, then combine them with really big guns and you have"

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cndgamer3605d ago

and it's's hard thou, damn bugs

INFECTED5033605d ago

it does get difficult the farther you progress. is a ton of fun though!

FrustratedFury3604d ago

I can't recommend it enough.