Edge: The Race for a New Games Machine

Edge writes: "This feature is an excerpt from The Race for a New Games Machine by David Shippy and Mickie Phipps.

The excitement began in the summer of 2003. My team and I had worked tirelessly at IBM for two and a half years, breathing life into the Sony PlayStation 3 "Cell" central processing chip.

My team was responsible for the PowerPC microprocessor core in the central processing chip. It was an important subcomponent in the overall chip that performed the function of the "brains" for the entire PlayStation 3 game console. Our microprocessor core executed the instructions of the game console operating system and controlled the flow of information just like a traffic cop in a busy intersection."

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B-Real2063576d ago

I can't believe nobody commented on this. It's a very interesting read. I have mixed feelings about what went down, but I'm very inclined to read the book. (I'll check it out from the library or hit up boarders and read it there) :