Hope for Square Enix

Andrew Weymes of The Nightly Gamer writes: The merger of Squaresoft and Enix has been a mixed bag. Few of the titles released after this merger have garnered the widespread critical acclaim that the games both companies published separately prior to the merger received. Apart from the handheld releases, the most well received games after the merger are Final Fantasy XII and Dragon Quest VIII. So far in this generation, Square Enix has been releasing some pretty average titles, but there is hope for Square Enix and here's why.

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Chris3993600d ago (Edited 3600d ago )

That don't hype their products high as Jesus or release dozens of ports/ remakes each year.

The Chrono trigger DS release was particularly insulting. It's the SNES cart, no upgrades and a few extra scenes.

As far as JRPGs this gen, SquareEnix has already been dethroned:

- Level 5
- Atlus
- Namco/ Bandai
- Marvelous Interactive (Arc Rise Fantasia looks great, and at least the company keeps making NEW IPs, not just rehashed material.)

Honestly, I hope that with all the money they've invested in FF XIII that it doesn't meet sales expectations. I'm sure it will sell regardless, because people tend to purchase based on name rather than quality. The FF XII trailer released last week felt like more of the same. And the plot looked even more convoluted and fantastical than normal; there is an "evil empire", as usual, and lots of CGI. Oh and some "fantasy" would be kind of nice, instead of guns and robots.

SquareEnix should just pay for the Star Wars license and base their series off of it's source material.

@ Below. Atlus released Persona 4, which is pretty much the highest rated RPG of last year. They're also working on a PSP full-remake (not SNES port) of the original Persona for the PSP, releasing Devil Summoner 2 and published some really interesting games over the past few months as well. I'm glad that they're not rushing into next-gen. Look at SE's results so far: Infinte Undiscovery and Last Remnant were both unfinished, unpolished and in the latter case unplayable (frame-rate and insane loading times).

So long as the PS2 is selling and supported with software, it's still relevant this gen.

Oh, and the list isn't made in order of importance, it's just written as the names popped into my head :)

As you've said, SquareEnix MAY release some monumental RPGs this gen, but so far they haven't released anything of quality or substance. All companies can fall from grace and be surpassed by their more innovative/ eager competitors. I wouldn't be surprised if this was SquareEnix's struggle in the coming years.

MrWeymes3600d ago

I don't particularly agree with you, but you seem to present your opinion in a reasonable and non-insulting manner.

I don't think anyone has figuratively "dethroned" Square Enix. They should still be well respected and shouldn't be shunned because of Final Fantasy XIII going multiplatform and a couple of average games.

You place ATLUS high in your list of companies that are above Square Enix, but what have they published this generation that isn't on the Playstation 2 that is any good? Both of their games on the 360 were even worse than the two Square Enix games released.

In my opinion, Square Enix is going to release several good to great RPGs this generation.