Ten unusual technologies that may power the future

While green investors are throwing money at solar, wind and nuclear technology, researchers are exploring some innovative and surprisingly attractive alternatives to the alternatives.

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Lord Anubis3574d ago

pretty cool eh. I only got one rate :(

Kakkoii3574d ago

Yeah, you'd think Gamer's on here would be people also interested in Technology. But not really =/

I myself love to see scientific advances, and always check to see the latest science news :)

Graphics Whore3574d ago (Edited 3574d ago )

You always deliver the goods Anubis :).

I find the title ironic, I don't find these technologies unusual at all.


What do you usually use for science news? RSS/reddit/digg <--(not a fan of digg).

Kakkoii3574d ago

I mainly use

Read the newest articles every morning :)

Graphics Whore3574d ago

First thing I see while opening the page:

Small Male Chimps Use Politics, Not Aggression

Oh my ahah, funny considering our day and age right now.

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