News Roundup: Return of the Booth Babes, RE5 Controversy, KZ2 Demo Date

February's first News Roundup sees brand new news on the expansion of E3 as well as new info on Resident Evil 5, and Killzone 2.

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Quickstrike3602d ago (Edited 3602d ago )

I was hoping you would not require us to use 5 GB of space for out PS3's. Hopefully this problem will be resolved in the near future, and the game developers needs to wake up and realize that their customers will get tired of the installations and boycott any game that requires a 5 GB installation.

Seriously I thought Capcom was better than this.

AAACE53602d ago

I hope E3 does get back to its normal thing. I knew when they took out booth babes it would never be the same... and apparantly everyone involved has as well.

qface643602d ago

i clicked on this for the pic i wont lie

coolfool3602d ago

it will feel like the gaming events of old.......ah I miss those days.

cain1413602d ago

Even when there wasn't booth babes, there was booth babes...

predator3602d ago

Great to see E3 going back to how it was

TheDuke773602d ago

A 5 GB install for RE5? Ouch, maybe I'll rent it I guess. I'm so sick of these mandatory installs. Why do some games that look just as good as this or better not have any mandatory installs.

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