Street Fighter IV and Resident Evil 5 collaborate with Home

Capcom and Sony are teaming up for some major PlayStation Home promotions in celebration of two upcoming PS3 releases. As previously announced at the Tokyo Game Show, Street Fighter IV and Resident Evil 5 will be part of collaborations with the Home virtual world. Today, Sony shared details.

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Rise Of The Bad Guy3576d ago

Now THIS is how you get people to check out Home

Xandet3576d ago

This may actually give me reason to finally travel back Home since I got into the beta years ago.

jwatt3576d ago

The RE5 lounge looks good! I gave it a quick glimpse, thought it was just pictures of the game until I realized it was Home.

3576d ago
Danja3576d ago

awesome news , hope other 3rd party studios follow in the fott-steps on Capcom..and sooon EA..

barom3576d ago

I've always figured that this will be the driving force for Home. Rewarding players and giving them something visual to brag about. The social networking can only apply to a few people. But being rewarded and have something to show for it, is in most people's interest. Love Capcom for doing this. I was on the edge of getting RE5 but this totally pushed me over. Love it Capcom.

Gobuz3576d ago

Yep, i got to admit the uncharted sully's bar is amazing and it's very popular. I love these games spaces, they add a real extra to the PS3 and Home.

Keep it up Sony, we love these.

joemayo763576d ago

we could get some fight moves for our avatars along with the threads,
then we can have some "street fights" in HOME :P HADOUKEN!!!!

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Cyrus3653576d ago

That interesting, game lanuching within home....

pwnsause3576d ago (Edited 3576d ago )

that feature has been around for a while, with Warhawk being the first game to incorporate it.

Its just that no one has incorporate it into their game yet, and they should. Home was built for one of those purposes in mind.

I wonder how the reward system will work?

Cyrus3653576d ago

Sorry, I knew that, I just meant, I would have figured it'd been a Sony Title that would have pushed Killzone, or a future title (Warhawk being patched, etc.).

Instead it's a capcom title, and it'll be interesting to see how it the sense, do i just see some stranger, and say hey lets play a round of SF IV...and after we done does the game stay in SF IV or does it go back to home, etc?

Relin3576d ago

If it's anything like Warhawk launching (and I can safely assume it is), quitting the game brings you back to Home, right where you left. I'm not quite sure if you avatar stays in Home while you play (letting people join up through Home while you're in-game).

As for pushing game launching, Killzone 2 will have Home launching (or am I wrong? I thought I read that somewhere...) and since SF4 is getting a patch to include it, perhaps R2 will get it, too. I can dream, at least.

pwnsause3576d ago (Edited 3576d ago )

it looks like capcom is the first 3rd party company to support game launching within home. I smell another Home update around the end of feburary.

DrWan3576d ago

to hand out trophies for their mini-games, like a bronze for flying saucer or Red Bull, ppl will go to Home for sure.

3576d ago
Shaka2K63576d ago

Xbug 3rd60 really needs to step it up and make something as awesome as Home, Xbug Lagive is lacking content big time..

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The story is too old to be commented.