GameSpy: The Greatest PC Games of All Time: The '80s

GameSpy writes: "It was almost 10 years ago when we first launched, and almost all of that founding crew shared one thing in common: a near-unhealthy love for PC games. For many of us, shooters like Quake or Half-Life may have been the flavor of the month, but our tastes ran back way further than that, usually to the heyday of the Commodore 64 or Apple IIe.

With that in mind, we're kicking off a special feature looking back at the greatest PC games of all time, starting this week with the 1980s. It was a time before 3D graphics cards, and in the case of some games, a time before graphics. And while they may seem primitive by today's standards, many of these games blazed the trails for entire genres to follow, sucking up countless hours of our youth."

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