WoW Insider: Around Azeroth: A hard rain's a-gonna fall

WoW Insider writes:

"Is this the end result when one of those flying fighters in Icecrown takes down an Abomination on the ramparts of a wrathgate? Do the armies fighting below get showered in guts and green slime? Actually, no. This is a screenshot of an acid spray taken in Shadowmoon Valley by Hellander of <Oceanic Guardians> on Shadow Council. If you recall, all the water in SMV is a eye-searing shade of neon green; it's probably infected by whatever hideous algae defaced the sewers of Undercity. Maybe some of the Forsaken jumped in the rivers without taking a shower first. Or perhaps Illidan stole his top-secret evil plan for Outland from Garland. Mmm ... giant vat of Mountain Dew."

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