X-Play Killzone 2 Review

X-Play have reviewed Killzone 2 and given it 5 out of 5

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pwnsause3606d ago

last time when they reviewed the original Killzone, they gave it a 3 out of 5 i believe.

poopsack3606d ago

lol they gave liberation 40/100 according to metacritic, a little too harsh for a psp title as great as that one.

Sarcasm3606d ago

Chalk another 100 for the metacritic

decapitator3606d ago

What planet am I on ? Is this still E-aarth ?

joemayo763606d ago (Edited 3606d ago )

5............................. ....................out of 5 :D
(said in adam sesslers voice)

FrankenLife3606d ago

I completely expected that they would give the game a 5. They don't do half stars, and they couldn't justify giving the game a 4, so this is no surprise. What did bother me though is the pot shots at ps3 gamers. Referring to them as all fanboys. They said, "Congratulations PS3 owners you finally have something to spend your money on besides HS action figures and anti depressants." They have given plenty of PS3 exclusives 5/5, saying that everyone should own them. Yet here they tout the tired argument that the PS3 has no games, and so all PS3 owners are so depressed that they are all on medication.


Torch3606d ago (Edited 3606d ago )

"...they gave liberation 40/100..."

Yeah, I can confirm that they did indeed (or a 2-out-of-5, to be exact), because it made me do a double-take when I saw it a couple of days ago.

I'm playing through KZ: Liberation for the first time right now as a sort of, err, appetizer - for February 27th. Currently on the penultimate level, and I can vouch that it's an amazing, detailed and addictive game.

The only gripe(?) I have about it is that the difficulty level is oftentimes ramped up to the "About to Smash my PSP with a Crowbar" volume...which is specifically the reason I was checking it out online; wanted to see if others found the game as tricky as I did, or whether I really DID suck THAT badly.

To the relief of my ego, the perception of it being a difficult game appears to be the general consensus.

Either that, or we ALL suck THAT badly. ;)

Nice to see KZ2 getting the 5/5 it apparently deserves. To be honest, I was expecting them to throw out a 4/5; I'm still trying to recover from the shock of witnessing the 5/5 X-Play (deservedly!) gave Resistance 2.

Philip J Fry3606d ago AWESOME. I just pre-ordered mine today and can't wait till the fifth to play the demo.

Unicron3606d ago

Franken, it's because the media is all about the self fulfilling prophecy of "ZOMG PS3 has no gamez!!!"

Once again, I laugh at anyone who thinks there ISN'T bias in the media with the constant crap comments like that.

ThanatosDMC3606d ago

Wow, what was she trying to say on the intro of the review. We need anti-depressants, for what is she trying to imply???

Danja3606d ago

um we are not in 2007 where they can say PS3 has no games and even in that year the PS3 had great games..

but I expected them to give KZ2 a 5/5 They wouldn't give it a 4 considering almost every review so far has been praising the game and they really wouldn't be able to justify there 4/5 score...

pippoppow3606d ago

They are probably mad at Sony fans for calling them out on their constant trumpeting for anything 360. They even have gone so far as to go out of their way to defend some of the 360 games. They blatantly favor the 360 especially that 360 diehard fanboy Blair. You can tell that it bothered them to give the score they gave by taking a shot at Sony. They pretty much implied that Sony hardly has any great games and their fans are troubled but it's a great game even though it's a rarity. Sounds like a comment a sour fanboy would make. It's a little ironic of them to call out fanboys when they display similar traits.

ShadowRyuX3606d ago

I agree, I don't care if it was a joke or if it was serious both comments were definitely uncalled for and in case they didn't know this game isn't just for PS3 fanboys, my friend who just got a PS3 in late December is really looking forward to this game and it will be his first PS3 game (He just borrows mine or plays Left 4 Dead on his 360 for now)

I think that X-Play is on its way to losing a lot of viewers and respect if they keep that up.

CommonSense3606d ago (Edited 3606d ago )

i have a ps3 and i agree with the statement. the only game on ps3 that has held my interest for the duration was ratchet and clank and MAYBE MGS4. resistance i beat, heavenly sword i beat, and uncharted i beat, but i thought they were mediocre and i just did it so i could say i did. and R2 was so boring and typical i couldn't finish it. I did really regret getting my ps3 for a long time.

now i think it's cool this game is getting good reviews, but so did a lot of other games that i definitely don't agree with. and something about the videos reviews of this game makes me think what they are saying and what i am seeing don't match up. the guns look very standard, and the ones that claim originality...aren't. the rail gun is straight from Half Life 2 and it was even in Turok (the bow did the same thing). the electric gun looks terrible and probably should have just not been included and i'm sure i'll only use it long enough to get the achievements. and i swear i saw ally AI shooting at nothing on more than one occasion. I really need a game for ps3 that will keep me playing for more than just a few hours. i want it to be good, but i'm still VERY skeptical. i guess i'll make my final decision when i actually get to PLAY the demo and not just jump on the hype train.

Unicron3606d ago

Regardless of if YOU agree with it or not Sense, it's an uncalled for, petty, and fanboyish statement, period.

red5ive3606d ago

finally something to spend money on other than heavenly sword action figures and anti-depressants? what a biatch!

Maddens Raiders3606d ago

disconnected their MICROSOFT LIFE SUPPORT TUBES long enough to make a coherent review and it's got the "natives" up in arms....just loook at all the whining in the comments.

HA HA HA that no figured stone blob Morgan Webb always talking out of her arse off cue....the same way she tried to bad mouth LBP LOL LOL - she didn't know what to say because it wasn't a Microsuck game HA HA. She's just mad at everything because she looks like a pocket door with eyes! HA HA HA HA HA

lokiroo4203606d ago

Give it up to mr. sark, go to g4 and read the review, very thorough and will get you amped for this game beyond belief.

BlindMonkey3605d ago

I shut it off after i heard morgan webb's openning comment. Not going to watch that crap when they openly bash ps3 owners from the get go. Sure 5/5 is a great score but that kind of fanboyism is not needed.

Montrealien3605d ago (Edited 3605d ago )

Blindmonkey, only f*nboys would get offended by a comment like that, funny no?

/on topic

Another great score for what is looking to be another great shooter. What a great time to be a gamer.

Spydiggity3605d ago

i think you guys are really over reacting to their statements. they said it was a great game. a 5/5? come on. so what if they said fanboy. i don't think they meant it to be derogatory. the way we use it and the way it used to be used are very different.

also, what they said about the games...well if you like games for the system, that's great. and they've rated other games pretty high before so i don't' think they even believe that is true. but i think they, just like any other show, do what they can to appeal to their audience. and i'm sure they do plenty of market research to see who their target is. some ppl probably do feel the way they said.

either way, it really doesn't matter. the bottom line is they gave this game a perfect score and most of you seem to be pretty well convinced this will be a great game, so just leave it at that. if you take this much offense from some statements from ppl who are on your side, then they are probably right, you are a fanboy. just relax and enjoy the game. it's only a few weeks away!

proArchy3605d ago

This game transcends Sony/MS bias. These reviews, the ones that pick the game to shreds, are because the game has A LOT to live up to. By not apologizing for the e3 trailer, and instead saying "No, that's what our game is going to be like," GG essentially pulled the pin on the Hater Grenade. To some reviewers it was like being given Carte Blanche to scrutinize every aspect of this game, and to express their very valid concerns like - the bathroom that can only be accessed if you throw a grenade at a pile of chairs and forcefully shimmy your way through a corridor of rubble has terrible low-res textures on the toilet seat, its completely game breaking, trust us.
Its not enough for them that the game comes extremely close, matches, or is maybe even a little better than the e3 trailer. It must mercilessly destroy the trailer to earn their full respect... even though they open their reviews with "Killzone 2 surpasses most other shooters by leaps and bounds" or something similarly conflicting with their score.

X-Play: good review, they managed to get me more pumped up to play it without throwing more gas on the already huge Hype-fire.

Spydiggity3605d ago (Edited 3605d ago )

Every review i've heard is exactly the same. They always mention the "infamous" trailer (and anyone with any intelligence knew it wasn't real) and how they needed to live up to it. then they say, "while it falls short of the original trailer it is still a gorgeous game." then they go on to talk about how great the multiplayer is.

I think ppl need to realize this game isn't going to be ground breaking, it's just going to be a very solid experience that will probably keep thousands of ppl very busy for a long time. I am excited for this game cuz: A) i need a good game on my ps3 that keeps me interested for more than 6-8 hours. and B) cuz i miss playing classic style FPS and really dominating the nubs. BUT NOT because everyone is praising this game like it's the second coming of Jesus.

People gotta get over this crazy hype thing. This is what happens when every big "Blockbuster" game sony has is about to come out. Then the games come out and they can't possibly hope to live up to the ridiculous hype. if this game doesn't end the war in iraq and cure cancer it's going to fall short of these crazy expectations.

Leave it alone and just wait for it to come out. everyone will be happy. nobody will be surprised or blown away. just relax and enjoy.

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Spike473606d ago

Killzone 2 seems to hang strong.

Harryhit43605d ago

Indeed. I don't think you can justify a 4/5 for this game (since I don't think they go by .5's).

2Negativecool3605d ago

The only voice of reason in games reviews.

grantps33606d ago

it doesnt deserve a 5/5

Jager3606d ago

You dont deserve 6 bubbles.

rucky3606d ago (Edited 3606d ago )

It deserves more I know but whatcha gonna do?

Ashton3606d ago

5/5 isn't good enough for this game ;)

poopsack3606d ago

dont taint peter griffin's image.

Gue13606d ago

Jager tried to rape me last night on Home. He thought I was a little kid. =s

Rice3606d ago

Damn guys, chill was I the only one who realized it was sarcasm.

SAiOSiN3606d ago

lol lemme steal ur bubbles.

Jager3605d ago

Wow wii, for starters, Jager isnt my PSN name, you dont have a PS3, and i think Home fricken sucks.

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Liquid Snake3606d ago (Edited 3606d ago )

**And the Sony Snipers picked up their rifles and marched on to victory**

**The war was over, the haters and doubters corpses where all pilled up on top each other, we can finally rest in peace**