Toronto Thumbs: High Voltage Talks Evasive Space Q&A

Toronto Thumbs writes: "The infamous Tim Rogers wrote, "A game concept should ideally fit on a bar napkin." I sincerely wish that I had said so first. I also like to imagine that in response to that wish he'd put on an air of Oscar Wilde and assure me, "Don't worry, you will." And he'd be absolutely right, because the idea has percolated, and I can't deny the simple truth of it. The most addictive gaming experiences have always flowed from titles that possess a clear-cut objective empowered by razor focused game-play. This doesn't mean that every game must be seen as simple, but that the embellishments and developments of design should always be built upon a foundation that is."

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N4g_null3574d ago

Fav dev list..... I have to got out and meet some of those guys.