Toronto Thumbs: Resident Evil 5 Demo Thoughts

Toronto Thumbs writes: "I fired up the Xbox 360 today for the first time in a while just to download the Resident Evil 5 demo. Upon playing it, I didn't immediately notice much difference aesthetically from Resident Evil 4. I was wrong! There are some considerable advancements in both look and feel for part five.

Among them, you can now strafe. Walking while shooting is still not possible, but the new strafing ability is a welcome addition and makes ducking in and out of the line of fire much easier. Other control upgrades include the inventory control screen. In Resident Evil 4, Leon had an attaché case full of weapons and other accessories. Accessing it would pause in-game action, allowing you to take your time to access weapons or mix herbs. In Resident Evil 5, this screen is now a pop up interface that appears while the action is still going on, so weapon switching has to be done quickly. It's a good thing, then, that weapons can also be switched by hitting different directions on the d-pad."

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OGharryjoysticks3601d ago

The whole not being able to move while shooting thing should have been left in the last generation. Using that gameplay (or lack of) on a big name title yet to be released is pathetic.