Game Revolution: Legendary Review

Game Revolution writes: "My editor has accused me of being too harsh on games [Har Har Har. ~Ed.] and said that I don't have anything nice to say, but come on, look at what I have to work with! Legendary is the latest release from Gamecock, a hilarious company with a hilarious name. Gamecock has brought us such shining gems like Hail to the Chimp and Pirates vs. Ninjas Dodgeball, both of which were stupid ideas and never should have made it past the idea phase, and were both subsequently terrible games. Legendary is no different."

+ Some of the graphics are great
- . . .but most are not.
+ Makes a great coaster
- Stupid, unoriginal, and bland story
- Did we really need werewolves?
- Shameless iPhone plug
- Special powers are not that special

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