Driver Saved From $200 Ticket By iPhone

When a police officer asks for proof-of-insurance, most people reach for their card. When it's expired, most people take the ticket. Paul reached for his iPhone and saved himself $200 and a suspended license.

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dericb113542d ago

Its good to see the Police officer is cool with this. In this world generation gap happen a lot but when two in the same happen it makes it better for everyone.

LeGenDx3542d ago

staties are worse on driving

ambientFLIER3542d ago

Uh, you can do this with any phone that's internet-enabled. F{_}ck apple.

Lord Anubis3542d ago (Edited 3542d ago )

i wan't aware every phone could read PDFs.

SiLeNt KNighT3542d ago

"F{_}ck" haters!

I could understand if Steve Jobs came to your house and stuck an iPhone up your butt or made ipods that had a 33% failure rate for you to hate them, but I can almost guarantee its an unjust, uneducated opinion.

I bet if you put a Nintendo logo on it you would LET THEM stick it up your butt!

CrayzeeCarl3541d ago

Maybe not, but the insurance website listing the driver and their policy would certainly be considered "proof" to me.

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