COD 5 Glitches: How do gamers feel?

Most Call of Duty World at War players know about the glitches, in fact some love them so much that they would never want them fixed.

You see these gamers running backwards and forwards trying to get under maps or doing other things to glitch. Is this just fun and part of the game or could they be called cheaters?

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Sasanova3601d ago

i welcome them, however, it is always a race of who gets to it first, basically wins the match. yes it is unfair but maybe, if there was a way to create 2 or even 3 different ways to getting underground from different locations, it would add to the balance. if ur just a casual gamer however, you might wonna go play halo.

bohemian 233600d ago

If you are a casual gamer go play Halo? Or play a game that takes no skill at all and takes one shot to kill a guy with almost any weapon. Halo takes more skill then Call of duty. You can play Call of Duty and the first time you play get 10 kills. You rarely see that in Halo and half the time people that have been playing for a while don't even get 10 kills. When I say you rarely see that I mean the first time playing by the way.

BaSeBaLlKiD7213600d ago

halo 3 is a lot easier than cod4/cod5

drewdrakes3600d ago (Edited 3600d ago )

I think youre a cheater. And you shouldnt be allowed to play games. Perhaps you should learn a skill. Maybe something constructive for your life, you cant cheat through everything?

You just make the legitimate players frustrated, you know the ones who can legitimately beat you...

bohemian 23 - Well you clearly havent played call of duty much. If you go to a non-hardcore game then it doesnt take one hit to kill someone with every weapon. (and if you are in hardcore and use a thompson good luck trying to kill in 1 hit)

Also, people may take you more seriously if you learned how to use the word "than", look it up.

BlindMonkey3600d ago (Edited 3600d ago )

At bohemian23, Halo is harder than COD4/5? Hahahahaha. You have to be kidding me. Play some regular or hardcore search and destroy and tell me how long you survive in those games. Please do not compare the CoD franchise with halo, it's an insult.

Edit: Regarding the article.... they should really take out those stupid glitches. I don't mind rocket jumping because i use it in CoD4. However the glitches in CoD5 are just atrocious, people hiding inside rocks, falling through the ground, etc.

BattleAxe3600d ago

You two have got to be the biggest morons I've ever seen on N4G LMAO. Sasanova should be banned from CoD and as far as HALO goes, it is the most over rated peice of junk on the market.

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dale13600d ago

getting under the maps is plain cheating,if your any good at the game why would you want to do it.when you look at peoples kill streak of 100 plus any half decent gamer says cheat,the sad part these people think that others look at there stats with ore,the plain fact is they think w*nker

Majors3600d ago (Edited 3600d ago )

I totally agree that it is classed as cheating as players are going outside the confines of the map. If the programmers patched the game to combat cheaters they would probably find another way, but i reckon that if you go outside the map boundaries you should blow up taking your fellow cheaters along with you.
Plain and simple cheating... Something console owners could do without.. If you wanna cheat join the PC gamers who can see through walls, jump 20ft in the air, shoot you with a pistol in the head from across the map with 1 shot etc etc..
Also if they are caught cheating they should have their stats wiped.
Aswell as stat paddlers --- You's know who you are....

SAiOSiN3600d ago

i hate glitchers. hiding places such as a jump from a railing onto a roof is find, but going outside map boundries and under the map is just wrong. that is why i play hardcore search in cod4. people don't do that garbage there.

Roper3163600d ago

crappy gamers with no skill like glitches so they can compete with a good gamer. That is why I very rarely will play games online and wish it was left out of console gaming and to the PC. Between the losers that quit games when they are losing, the glitcher's and the cheat code users online play is crap and always will be unless you play with a closed group of people.

bohemian 233600d ago

If you are going to disagree with people why don't you have the nads to post you're opinion on the matter instead of just disagreeing for no reason.

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