Totally360 Review: The Lord Of The Rings Conquest

Totally360 writes: "Lord of the Rings Conquest is a game that highlights some of the biggest moments from the movies. In it you get to participate in such scenes as the battle for Helms Deep as well as storming the Black Gate, among other things. Once you have gone through the campaign once, then another one will open up for you to go through. The difference is that this second campaign allows you to play the evil side and has you working to accomplish all of Sauron's goals. Even though both of these campaigns have different objectives, they are essentially the same. You either need to defend the area you are in for a set amount of time or capture a particular spot so your forces can advance or something of that nature. You have four different parties to choose from before you go into battle. You can either choose a Scout, Mage, Warrior or an Archer. Except for a couple of different instances I found that the Archer was the best class for me. I was able to take people out from a distance, although you will always run the risk of having enemies attack you from behind."

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