Installing Fallout 3 DLC Is "Like Giving Birth"

PC gamers are reporting a number of issues with installing and playing the recently released Fallout 3 DLC, Operation: Anchorage.

The problem seems to be that after you download and install the game, and even after the Games For Windows client has told you that it's been installed, the DLC doesn't seem to go into effect in-game. Technically, you should be able to wander to a certain spot in the Wasteland, whereupon you'll pick up a mysterious radio signal that will lead to the new content. For a number of players, however, that radio signal never shows up.

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LeonSKennedy4Life3309d ago

Because we all know how great the 360 mods are for this one...

likedamaster3308d ago (Edited 3308d ago )

We also know the fatal crashes of the PC version.

It will not play anymore, save files are corrupt it will crash instantly upon playing over and over no matter what settings its on and how many times I reinstall. It's not the client, it's the game.

gametheory3309d ago

Anyway I agree, what a waste of money and time was that DLC apparently.

DavidMacDougall3309d ago

LOL Why did i find that funny?

greyfox2353309d ago


greyfox2353309d ago

my cheap ass is gonna be there

Tony P3309d ago

I don't install ad supported software so why would I want GFW just to play some damned DLC? STOP trying to foist your crappy client on me, MS.

I didn't want it when you tried to charge for it and I don't want it now.

Luckily the PC always has workarounds.

likedamaster3308d ago

You obviously never used the client. Fail.

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