Digital Chumps: Killzone 2 Review

Killzone 2 is a very impressive accomplishment and something all PS3 owners should be eager to get. It offers gamers a competent, engaging, satisfyingly long single player campaign that continues the Killzone story. You also have a truly impressive visual achievement for a console game that will set the bar for first person games to come, so kudos to Guerrilla Games on that note as well. Thirdly, there is an exceptional online component that shouldn't be missed.

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chidori6663604d ago

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MassErect23604d ago

The average score keeps going down. Quick, everybody go and write a crappy two paragraph reviews in your blogs and give this game a perfect score so we can increase the average!!

Helghast Slayer3604d ago

You have been killzowned NEXT!

othersteve3604d ago

Probably the most in-depth review of the game on the internet to date.