Yahoo Tech: Hands-on review: Helio Ocean 2 smartphone

Yahoo Tech writes, "Helio may have been gobbled up by Virgin Mobile last summer, but the brand name lives on, as evinced by the new-if only modestly revamped-Ocean 2 QWERTY slider. Is the latest Ocean worth the $70 premium over the already robust original?

At first glance, the new Ocean looks almost identical to its predecessor. Both are relatively large and hefty, with the 4.7-by-2.3-by-0.8 inch, 5.9-ounce Ocean 2 slightly longer and thinner than the original, plus about 0.3 ounces heavier. The Ocean 2's 2.6-inch, non-touch display looks about the same as on the first Ocean, and both phones have the same dual-slider design: you slide the display up for a standard 12-button numeric keypad, or slide it to the side for a full-QWERTY keyboard (the display automatically switches to landscape mode when you're using the QWERTY keypad)."

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