Destructoid review: Afro Samurai

Destructoid writes, "Surge's Afro Samurai possesses the same teeth-grinding, crimson- and gore-letting action as the anime series. It capitalizes on the revenge story -- and its many digressions -- of the first season. To the unaware, the game will seem like a trip -- the over-the-top brawler action, quasi-feudal Japanese setting and haphazard plot elements are confusing without proper context. To those initiated by the anime, Afro Samurai may seem like a Cliffs Notes version with a few missing pages. Important plot details are often discarded entirely or jammed into the back ends of unrelated cut-scenes.

My favorite thing about the game is easily its visual flair. The cel-shaded world is predominantly gorgeous -- the environments, backdrops and character models are rife with color and detail. Yet, the most striking thing for me is the game's focus on gore. Blood spurts, shoots and pours out of victims as their limbs go flying across the screen. Every new kill leaves another messy splatter on the floor and your screen. Nothing pumps me up for another round of enemy annihilation like seeing the evidence of my previous dirty work."

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Voozi3579d ago

Is this game really that bad? I was kinda keeping my eye on it but the reviewers seem to be ripping apart this game lol.

legionx3579d ago

Its worth a rent at least, I got enjoyment out of it.
Being a fan of the animated series doesn't hurt either.
What I don't understand is why this game is $69.99 everywhere I go
instead of the typical $59.99