Playing video games linked to breast-feeding, not crime

Ars Technica writes, "The media, hungry for stories, is way too quick to link gaming with violent crimes. But the data indicates that, if anything, the opposite is true: crime has gone down during the recent explosion in video games. Of course, none of this stops the press from piling on, and the gaming press from piling on the pile-on.

Today I decided to conduct an experiment. I started calling people I knew, and I asked if they had one or more video games in the house. Then I asked if they breast-fed their children. To my great shock, most answered "yes" to both. One couple I contacted switched to formula after their child's birth, and told me that they didn't play video games. The data, based on my first round of calls, was conclusive: if you play video games, you are much more likely to breast-feed your children.

You're probably ready to shoot five thousand holes in my argument. For one, I only called people I knew-we're talking about a small sampling of individuals who happen to be friends with someone who writes about games for a living. Second, my friends are firmly in their 20s and 30s, which means they grew up playing games. I could have asked them almost anything and linked it with playing games. I did my job though, and you clicked on the headline. You may comment on this story, as well. It's a good way to get readers, this tactic of linking a popular topic on a tech website to any other controversial topic."

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