Fudzilla - Review: Leadtek GTX 260 Extreme + tested

Fudzilla writes, "The graphics card we prepared for you today is called WinFast GTX 260 Extreme+, and as you already know, the Geforce GTX 260 is a great gaming card, decently priced and appealing to many gamers. It's been a while since we've reviewed Leadtek's graphics cards, and we're quite glad that Leadtek decided to send this card, as you'll surely find it interesting. This is a new 55nm version of the GTX 260 card with 216 stream processors, whereas the old version was built in 65nm and had 192 stream processors. This card's main contender, performance-wise, is the HD 4870 1GB, which is a tad slower and priced some 20 Euros less. We were surprised to see Leadtek's WinFast GTX 260 Extreme+ to be one of the lowest priced GTX 260 cards, especially knowing that it has factory overclocked core and shaders and a free gift game Overlord. At press time, the card is available at 220 Euros, which is only 5 Euros more than the cheapest reference GTX 260 card. Before we move onto the results, let us talk about the specs and visuals a bit."

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