Let The Scrutiny Begin

With the release of Killzone 2 just around the corner. The American Media finally gets a say. It's time to let the scrutiny begin. In just a few more hours the most respected gaming website's in the western world will finally be allowed to tell their opinions of Killzone 2.

So far the reviews from overseas have been nothing but stellar. Killzone 2 sits on at a 95/100, but what will the western media say? Gamers here in the states really seem to scrutinize games on a different level. Fanboy wars clog the arteries of the internet at every turn. The hype build up has been huge. By now it is probably safe to say that 95% of PS3 owners know about Killzone 2. With hype this huge there is always some kind of downfall. Right?

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meepmoopmeep3573d ago

it's actually not as bad as i had predicted it to be.
at least not from the top sites

Kleptic3573d ago

yeah I agree with that...I really expected it to get hammered a lot more from lesser sites that need the traffic...

but that could possibly be that it simply is significantly better than I I played the shat out of the beta, and absolutely loved the multiplayer...but figured the single player would be pretty weak in comparison...which overall is turning out to be pretty untrue...

as far as I know...killzone 2 has waded through the worst of it...all that is left review wise are places that are seemingly sucking up to the public after what happened earlier in 2008 (read: GS and all their ridiculousness, and ditto for GT)...I'm banking on a 93/94 meta critic when its all said and way the US media will make it go up...but probably won't let it lose a whole lot...remember...a lot of US reviews are already we'll see...

overall...its irrelevant to me...the game is easily one of the best this generation so far...I its long been a guaranteed by for me...just funny to see how the media side of this game is panning out...its been a lot different than I far at least...

ultimolu3573d ago

I don't understand the hatred for this game. I really, really don't.


I am not surprised . Thats why I cancel all my subscription to all these gaming magazines . Its not even a good read anymore . Tell me why ps3 exclusive is always on the end of this ? Pure Hatred.. There's also fears that if the ps3 keeps getting good games . the 360 will be no more and these bots will have to buy another system .

CaliGamer3573d ago

I really had no evidence but I think we can now see that indeed there is something funny with these reviews.
Halo 3 came out and was a great game but not without it's faults and got by with a few negative things said about it, KZ 2 by all accounts seems to set the bar higher in most areas and is getting picked apart.
It is really sad to see the state the video game media is in today.

M-Easy3573d ago

stories I've read all year & its all so true. Keep up the good work

Helghast Slayer3573d ago

The day i take American websites/magazines seriously is when pigs fly. The amount of double standards and biasness is beyond pathetic. When they grow some sense and admit they gave Halo3 a free pass to the 10/10 heavenly gates, then that will be the day i'll ever listen to what they have to say.