GamesRadar: Killzone 2 Review

GamesRadar writes: "In the four years that we've known about it, Killzone 2 has been all but defined by one incident, so let's get this out of the way right off the bat: yes, Killzone 2 lives up to the infamous "target footage" clip that roused legions of skeptics at the 2005 Electronic Entertainment Expo. It even surpasses it, although if you've been following the game over the last few months, you probably know that already."

You'll love

* Beautiful (if bleak) visuals
* Amazingly chaotic battles
* Two words: lightning gun

You'll hate

* Being limited to one rifle
* Action's a little too predictable
* Multiplayer matches can drag

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TheColbertinator3453d ago

Really? Wow

I honestly thought Gamesradar was gonna slam Killzone 2 after that podcast

Pennywise3453d ago

So did I. Undeniably a good game. Can not wait for Thursday!!!

Nelson M3453d ago

You were Waiting for Gamesradar to slam Killzone 2
Goodnight Mr ColBot

Gue13453d ago

mmmmmmm; ColBot is a great nick for this character. =)

too bad you can't change your name on N4G anymore. =(

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Cyrus3653453d ago

Check out PAge 3, it compares whether Killzone is better than Halo 3 (Yes in Single Player, no in multiplayer). Better than Call of Duty: WaW, Not Better than Gears 2, Better than Resistance 2.

Pennywise3453d ago

Im actually surprised they scored it so high. I expect less from them.

meepmoopmeep3453d ago

i eat crow, thanks GR, my prediction was wrong.
i don't mind admitting when i'm wrong.


3453d ago
Sarcasm3453d ago


Wow... Gamesradar really did seem to hate Killzone 2 leading up to the review.

I'm surprised they didn't give it a 2/10 based on their previews.

marinelife93453d ago

Glad the score is posted here so I don't give them a hit on their site.

Lifendz3453d ago

that's a great score for a site known to disfavor the PS3. Still can't believe IGN only gave it a 9.4. I guess the reviewer was trying to save face after giving R2 a 9.5.

3453d ago
Peekay3453d ago

that guy Hoffman sure ripped them a new one...

Danja3453d ago

but wow GR surprised me I was expecting nothing higher than a 7/10 from them....

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Rise Of The Bad Guy3453d ago

You mean the game that shipped with an unplayable Online mode?

Good score.

labaronx3453d ago

and Gears 2 online problems were far worse than Socom Confortation and it took twice as long to fix. But whatever. I guess when you love a series it's hard to find the biggest fault staring you in the face.

chidori6663453d ago

neo gaf pwnds the games radar LMAOOOOOOO!

MassErect23453d ago (Edited 3453d ago )

They said is not better than Gears of War 2. Totally agree.

Sackdude3453d ago

Go rape your self, xtard.

meepmoopmeep3453d ago

i can't wait for the press release for Mass Effect 2 on the PS3


gamesmaster3453d ago

You haven't even played the game. I'm actually amazed at some peoples stupidity these days.

"fact" erm actually opinion.

iv played gears 1 thats a fact, so iv pretty much already experienced everything gears has to offer, so i'll give the second a rest.

hears hoping you turn flaccid

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