ITReviewed: PC World Advent AIO-100 Review

ITReviewed writes: "PC World recently started selling a new range of all-in-one Advent desktops. The 22-inch Advent AIO-200 and the 18.4-inch Advent AIO-100 (reviewed here), which retail for £849 and £399 respectively, and both available exclusively at PC World stores across the UK and online.

Requiring only one cord to set up and power the system, PC World's Advent AIO-100 is a relatively compact all-in-one desktop PC with a nice glossy 18.4-inch display. Far from being a powerhouse, the AIO-100 is surprisingly good value for those not wanting to play the latest games or indulge in processor-crippling video editing. The space-saving styling means that all of the machine's components are tucked away nicely and out of view in the glossy black base unit, which also doubles as the monitor stand. Sadly, the screen can't be swivelled and it couldn't be raised as high as we'd have liked. But it's a compact and practical design given the price."

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