Nidzumi: Skate 2 Review: Persistently Brilliant

Nidzumi writes: "Skateboarding in games has always had it's fair share of ups and downs. One minute your getting air off a bowl and performing nice looking flip tricks while a few minutes later your stuck being frustrated by seemingly impossible goals. The original Skate took a completely different approach by making it as close to real life skating as they could. Combined with the innovative flick it control system the game became well known within fans of the genre and almost instantaneously knocking the king, Tony Hawk's Pro Skater off it's throne. But it was far from perfect with it's annoyingly jerky physics, lack of walking and technical issues through the roof and now the Blackbox team are taking another shot at it with the aptly named Skate 2."

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KingDragunov3603d ago

They say "The PS3 version is less than ideal because of the framerate." This is complete BS, I got it on PS3 and it runs perfectly!