Resolution: Little Big Planet - Metal Gear Solid Pack review

Resolution writes: "For just a few pounds, this package really is a bit of bargain, and offers so much more than just another few levels - although those levels provided are fantastic fun, as it happens. The Paintanator adds a whole new dimension to the gameplay available, and that's the beauty of this expansion pack. Media Molecule have taken a game of seemingly infinite possibilities and added another huge dollop of possibility. It would appear that, for the time being, my addiction shall remain."

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Cartesian3D3603d ago (Edited 3603d ago )

you will miss alot.

after this DLC I think LBP is no longer a just platformer .. cant wait to see Blood&sword (lol) cutting limbs(I played Dead space too much) etc in LBP.. i want to play GOW,GeOW,DeadSpace levels on LBP and having even more fun (cuz of more CUTE characters)