WTP Review: Killzone 2

A first person shooter set in a dystopian future where two warring factions are locked in a desperate struggle for military supremacy. The game tackles themes of fascism and revenge, and features grim depictions of life on the battlefield. Combat is brutal, and the game features very violent, blood-soaked scenes accompanied by some very strong language.

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MassErect23542d ago

B quality title.

Wait for the Gamespot review. Everybody will be in tears.

rucky3542d ago (Edited 3542d ago )

You're better off expecting low scores from Eurogamer or Gamedaily. Gamespot has been giving PS3 Exclusives the scores they deserve lately.

Darkseider3542d ago

The only thing B quality here is your pathetic attempt at trolling. Now please skip the bowl of failios before logging into N4G. kthxbye.

Pennywise3542d ago

Only one that should be in tears is you being your mommy cant afford a PS3 for you.

Why dont you go somewhere that you are wanted. It isnt here.

meepmoopmeep3542d ago

i'm surprised they got a review build
this site is generally family-oriented gaming