iPhone gaming numbers to spell trouble for Sony PSP & Nintendo DS?

As iPhone games proliferate into the thousands, and gamers become more aware of the gadget's potential, there's an obvious threat to portable game machines. Once they've splurged on an iPhone, how many people will also buy a Sony PSP or Nintendo DS for over a hundred dollars? Industry analysts aren't forecasting this yet, but gamers may choose to spend their money on more iPhone games, instead of a separate game box.

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Darkseider3577d ago

For the last time. The iPhone/iPod Touch are no threat to handheld gaming. Apple would like you to believe that they are but neither device has any controls worth a damned. Not to mention that they have a fixed amount of storage. Sorry but without REAL hardware controls, like the NDS/PSP have, they are useless for gaming. That and the fact that the ONLY method of getting any game on there is by either downloading it to the iPhone/iPod Touch via 3G/Wi-fi or through a PC. Apple I beg you to PLEASE stop this nonsense before people point fingers and start laughing.

DADO3577d ago

Totally agree with you.

Tony P3577d ago

Well said.

I am not particularly against Apple getting in on gaming if they can bring some original functionality with them as well. But these articles make mountains out of mole hills. I don't believe the iPhone is anywhere near to being a major threat to well-established handhelds anywhere on the planet. I will believe in the iPhone as a competent gaming device only if it can gain any significant penetration whatsoever into the vast Japanese mobile gaming market.

If they can conceive a dedicated piece of tech with the same form of distribution and actual hardware options, maybe I'll start taking them more seriously.

Sarcasm3577d ago

I play a few games on my iPhone when I'm waiting somewhere. But that's about it. It's pretty annoying not having actual face buttons. So I prefer the PSP over the iPhone any day as a gaming handheld. Nothing like some good ol' street fighter alpha on the go.

Montrealien3577d ago (Edited 3577d ago )

Totally dissagree with you that people will point a finger and laugh because you think this is nonsense However I agree with you that it is not a threat to current handhelds. It is a whole other market that is doing well. Many people buy games through the appstore, including myself, and the games are getting better an better.

joeblk103577d ago

As someone who is not sixteen and actually has a real job, i'm in the air a lot. Used to take my PSP with me on every trip. Since they actually started making good games for my iPhone, i havent taken the PSP with me since. Downloaded games are easier, they tend to be pick up and play since my sessions arent hours long, and as long as you check some user reviews and avoid the ones with crappy controls then the ones done right control great. Plus at 5 bucks on average for a decent game you cant beat it. I dont know how much a threat the iPhone is to the grand scheme of things but i know they've gotten more of my business and the PSP has lost some.

Harryhit43577d ago

I'm sick of hearing this. It is not trouble for the two other handheld consoles. Want to know why? BECAUSE NOBODY BUYS THE IPHONE JUST FOR THE GAMES. Games are SECONDARY on the iPhone and this is completely obvious.

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PS360WII3577d ago

Most likely no but as soon as you discredit someone they jump right ahead of you. So while Sony and Nintendo have nothing to really worry about they should still keep an eye on what Apple is doing.

meepmoopmeep3577d ago

i have a strong feeling the next iPhone will be very competitive

Montrealien3577d ago

yep, they can only go up from here, the tables are set, the apps store works well and is very easy to use.

jack who3577d ago

Total DS install base could reach 152.2 million units

ultimolu3577d ago


*scratches head and clicks away from thread.

PotNoodle3577d ago

No. If apple bring out a device that its main function is gaming then maybe, but aslong as it is an i_PHONE_ then no, it won't.

gamesmaster3577d ago

exactly, the functionality and inherent design of phones just dont translate well. small handset, small buttons (if any).

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