Gameplay Monthly: Afro Samurai Review

So is Afro Samurai worth your money? If you're the avid gamer that plays games for the sheer purpose of collecting everything and mastering it… probably not. You can see all the game has to offer in about twelve hours, as there are not a good deal of unlockables and most, if not all, if the combos you can acquire will be unlocked during normal play anyway. For you, this game is worth a rental for some quick fun and 1000 easy achievement points.

If you're a person that just feels like popping in a game and killing some dudes every once and a while, you can do much worse than Afro Samurai, but at 60 USD, you might find the price a little steep for what is essentially a mindless if extremely entertaining brawler. It's not too easy and it's not too hard, and virtually anyone will find something to like about it, even if they'll forget it the next day.

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