Gamezone: Matt Hazard Q&A: Discussing the First True Video Game Parody

Gamezone: "I think Matt and Duke would be good buddies (heck, they may already know each other in the virtual world)."

Before interviewing Brian Etheridge (Producer at D3Publisher of America, Inc.) regarding Eat Lead: The Return of Matt Hazard, I knew just what I wanted to say: "Finally, somebody gets it!" So I asked him – at what moment did the developers "get it"? When was Matt Hazard first conceived?

"The idea initially came from [WGA Award Winner and Dead Head Fred co-writer] Dave Ellis," he said. "I think at first, a lot of us had sort of a puzzled look on our faces when we heard the concept. Some of us got hung up on the, 'Is he a real person or a game character?' issue.

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