20 Unforgettable PC Case Mods

Unreality writes:

"Over the last couple of weeks we've given you two interesting case mod articles. The first one was an XBox 360 Case Mod gallery and the second was a Wii Case Mod Gallery. Today, I wanted to round it out with a third, and probably most interesting one: The PC Case Mod. I guess having a computer isn't really enough for some people.

In fact they'd rather their computer look like a trash can, or perhaps a sexy droid. And to all you diggers out there, some people even want their computers to look like the logo to the popular social networking site Digg.

So without further interruption may I present 20 unforgettable PC Case Mods."

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Sangria3606d ago

A friend showed be long time ago an aquarium PC, with true fishes inside. I still don't get how it was possible :|

Liamabob3606d ago

You sure they were real fishes? i mean, i've seen a PC submerged in mineral oil, but that's because it's non-conductive.
I doubt fish would take well to mineral oil..

Sangria3606d ago

Well, it was photos, so i don't know if that was real fishes or not. You got a point on it.

Mc1873606d ago

Those were some sweet case mods.


I would like to have an R2D2 Mod! With Hologram :)