PlayStation Home: Rising Success By The Numbers

PSXextreme: We just recently ran a story concerning the apparent lack of PlayStation Home attention, and in response, we've received a slew of new statistics concerning the innovative new service and the PSN.

First of all, it's important to note that the previous article was in no way questioning the appeal or longevity of Home, as we're certain it will be a success (in many ways, it already is). It was merely an observation; it just seems as if the media has lost interest after the constant headlines late last year.

Well, the stats really do prove that this new initiative is on the right track and growing quickly: thanks to Home, there were 2.1 million new PSN accounts created in the month of December, which is a monthly increase of 90%. In regards to Home downloads (all that cool stuff you can buy for your avatar and apartment), they're approaching the million mark; it's over 900,000 already.

Downloads across the PSN and Home are up 20% in the past three months and overall, "the growing network of more than 17 million worldwide members offers a tremendous selection of content to choose from having already downloaded more than 330 million pieces of content in a little more than a two-year period." Home is most certainly a driving force behind the last few successful months, so we won't deny that.

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Timberland2K93576d ago

PSX gimmie your KZ2 review!

DADO3576d ago

Sony needs to make Home available over the internet not just trough the ps3. That would be awesome.


Just keep it PS3 . I don't wan't to see these xbox retards other than on the Message board . Don't want to interact with any of those losers .

Rise Of The Bad Guy3576d ago

Sony need to make sure Home is quicker,more streamlined,and has more game and movie functionality in it.

It's in no way a flop,but it definitely has areas of improvement.

3576d ago
ultimolu3576d ago

B-But Home sucks!

Lots of people were on when I used it last night. It's getting better and better.


Only the haters and the people who don't have a ps3 will say otherwise .