Random Gamer's Release of the Week: 3 on 3 NHL® Arcade

Greedy Raven writes, "Amongst the flurry of great games that came out last year, I have found that the game I have been playing the most is EA's NHL09. I can think of no better way to spend a Saturday afternoon then grabbing a couple buddies and getting into some intense, on ice action, full of big hits, big goals and big fights!..."

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killyourfm3602d ago

I've just never gotten into hockey - admittedly though this looks like the type of game to attract the more casual audience.

bgrundman3602d ago

You may be right, but it looks like it could be alot of fun!

CrAppleton3602d ago

Could be fun.. that's what the Wii is all about anyways..

Blaze9293602d ago

but this isnt for the Wii CrAppleton

bgrundman3602d ago

This reminds he of Big Head mode in the Wayne Gretzky Hockey game for Nintendo 64. It was a classic.

CrAppleton3602d ago

HAHA! I forgot all about that.. good times.. =)

mirroredderorrim3602d ago

I saw BIGHEADS for NBA Jam, back in the day.

God bless those full arcades, during school hours..

CrAppleton3602d ago

You know what's funny.. I was never into hockey and I'm still not a fan.. But my brother and I used to play hockey games all the time.. IDK.. I used to be a sports game fan at one time

greedyraven3602d ago

Sports games, especially lighter games like this one, are great because you don't really need to be a fan to enjoy the game. I can't stand golf, but silly games like the Hot Shots series are a blast!

bgrundman3602d ago

I am having a hard time deciding if I should get it for PS3 or 360... What do you guys think?

Bigrhyno3602d ago

Preference. If its controls are anything like NHL 09 then I prefer the PS3 controller. Xbox will have a more active online, but I don't think there will be any problems finding a game on PSN (assuming you want to play online).

ammonator3602d ago

Get it for the platform that you prefer the most, though 360 if you a gamerscore whore, PS3 if you are not.